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    LightWorks pulls light-inspired research at ASU under one strategic framework. It is a multidisciplinary effort to leverage ASU’s unique strengths, particularly in renewable energy fields including artificial photosynthesis, biofuels, and next-generation photovoltaics.


The LightWorks initiative at Arizona State University is supported by ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED). OKED advances research, innovation, entrepreneurship at ASU and economic development in Arizona and beyond. OKED also manages the university’s major interdisciplinary research institutes and initiatives. Learn more at research.asu.edu.


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In addition to the LightWorks solutions, numerous other ASU research centers and institutes focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy policy.

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ASU is committed to sustainability not just in its research and curriculum, but in all facets of university life. ASU recognizes that promoting sustainability begins internally with our own business practices and university policy. ASU is committed to sustainability in all facets of university life, from conserving energy in classrooms to constructing new lab facilities. The university has earned numerous accolades for its green policies.

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