Introducing the ASU Energy Club and the Discussion on Arizona's Energy Future

It’s a new semester, and with the homework assignments and amount of stress piling up, sometimes getting involved on campus can be a challenge. Plus, with the large amount of clubs and organizations on campus, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. At the Club Carnival, you had the opportunity to take a closer look at several different clubs and organizations on campus, including the new ASU Energy Club.

Photo Credit: AZ Capitol Times

The Energy Club was created to give ASU students and the community an opportunity to become actively engaged in a variety of issues facing our generation including energy policy, technology, sustainability, social issues dealing with renewable energy, and more. This club allows students to discuss, interact, and engage in a variety of energy-related issues and provides them with an opportunity to contribute their thoughts, opinions, and actions to these dilemmas.

By joining the ASU Energy Club, students will be able to network with like-minded young people and create long lasting relationships throughout their college experience and beyond. This club will open doors into the industry and allow students to take on leadership roles, speak and possibly work alongside industry leaders, take an active role in finding solutions to these global problems, and much more.

One of the Energy Club’s visions is to introduce students to potential careers in the energy industry. Networking is extremely important in college, for undergrads, graduate students, and alumni alike —and it is one of the main focal points of the Energy Club. Another purpose of the club is to allow members to share with each other the latest advancements in energy research and gather students from different disciplinary backgrounds to shed light on these subjects and offer their input.

This club hopes to reach out to the students of Arizona State University and the greater community to address pressing issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. The Energy Club will be holding several events throughout the semester and year, including the upcoming panel discussion on “Arizona’s Energy Future.”

AZ Town Hall will be visiting ASU to strike up a conversation about what Arizona’s energy future will look like. The panel will discuss questions brought up by the ASU Energy Club and all students are welcome to come and join in on the discussion. This event will take place on Thursday, February 2nd at the Memorial Union Ventana Ball Room A & B. For more information, visit To RSVP online, visit

 If you haven’t already, join the Energy Club on these social networking sites to stay updated:




Written by Tynnisha Hamilton, ASU LightWorks